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Quite simply, access to World Class treatment at a much lower cost – why, because labour is less expensive here so running a hospital or clinic is much cheaper than in Europe or North America for example. So from building the hospitals and clinics, to cleaning, running and administering is all less expensive enabling you to get lower cost treatment but high-quality care.

Of course this depends on the treatment but typically 30-70%. Some clients choose to save a little less and upgrade their treatment, for example taking a hospital suite and choosing the best hospitals, like being in a 5-star hotel.

Don’t worry – medicine requires an understanding of English so most doctors speak English however, we can provide / ensure there are translators for you.

We want to build a relationship with you and hope that you will recommend us to friends and relatives. At the same time, we only work with reputable and well-known leading centres and as we are independent, we are not promoting any particular hospital or clinics. It is our duty and job to ensure there are no surprises and what you pay is what you expect.

Once you have chosen a hospital or clinic and happy to proceed, we will work with them to get you a medical VISA if required. If you are coming for a short trip, this may not be needed for your country.

We only work with reputable and trusted clinics. We provide you details of the doctors and you can look them up and find out more independently. We can also arrange video consultations and visits before treatment to give you confidence.

Like anywhere, you can not guarantee any treatment will work however we only work with the leading clinics and hospitals who have invested heavily in building up a good reputation and will not want to risk it for a bad review. Equally, it is not uncommon for hospitals to either be clear from the beginning that the treatment cannot be guaranteed or recommending that it doesn’t go ahead.

It depends case by case and this will be made clear to you before you agree, however typically and drugs / medication is likely to be extra as is the need for emergency care and or extended stays in hospitals if that is required.

If you have an internationally valid policy, we can discuss with the hospital in advance of treatment

Usually you will pay the hospital or clinic directly however if you purchase a package deal through us, you may pay through us. You won’t pay for treatment in advance of arrival but will need to pay before the actual procedures commence.