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Give us a quick summary of what you are looking for in terms of treatments or procedures.

Our client manager will contact you and ask for relevant further information and then get back to you with a summary of options.

From what you have told us our client manager will discuss your case with relevant clinics / hospitals and provide a short list, with prices, what’s included, optional additions and summary of benefits to compare.

We can help arrange a visit in advance of treatment including hotels and airport pick ups. Alternatively we can arrange for a WhatsApp consultation with relevant doctors – these are normally charged for.

If required, we will organise a medical transfer from your location to Turkey – this may include specialist stretcher bed or medical escort on a commercial airline. Alternatively if you are happy to make your own way to Turkey that is entirely up to you too.

If required, we will ensure you or your relative / friend has accommodation if relevant. We will also arrange a car to pick you up from the airport. If you need specialist medical transfers, we work with the hospital to ensure an ambulance is there to meet the patient.

If the patient / relatives are staying in a hotel of apartment, we will arrange a car to take to and from the hospital or clinic.

Have questions, problems or concerns, we are on hand to deal with your inquiries.

Once you are at the clinic or hospital, you will have chance to discuss with the doctors your procedures. We can provide translators to come with you if required.

Undergo the procedures and recuperate – this maybe a few hours, a few days or months depending on exactly what you come for. We will keep in touch and ensure everything goes smoothly for you. If you have free time through the treatment, we can arrange for guides to take you out sightseeing or to a nice restaurant depending on your needs.

Treatment over, time to recover and this could be as simple as relaxing back at the hotel, sightseeing or you may need to rest longer – we will be there to help organise things for you too.

With the treatment completed, we will help get you home, whether that is as simple as a car to the airport or a full medical assisted transfer, we will ensure you get home safely.

Just because you are home doesn’t mean you are forgotten – we will keep in touch and follow up to check how you are doing, after all we hope you will recommend us and be happy to come back again too.